Studley Green Primary School

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Studley Green Primary School

Since the first lockdown back in 2020 we have been fortunate to receive continued support from Active Trowbridge both in school and to our families in the community. Active Trowbridge have a team of staff who volunteered to deliver various items to families, up to five days a week. From paper home learning to food bags to digital devices. This took all the pressure off the staff in school who could focus on teaching and supporting the children in attendance and not worry about items not reaching the families. In school each day we have a coach who run various different PE lessons to keep active, in addition to this they have also offered support at lunchtimes and in the classroom. Without them Studley Green Primary School would never have been able to provide the level of support to everyone that we have done. We are incredibly grateful to Aaron and all the team at Active Trowbridge for the ongoing support We have greatly appreciated the support which we have been given by Active Trowbridge, during the pandemic. As a small school, we have a disproportionate number of staff who need to shield. Active Trowbridge’s offer to all schools of an additional member of staff, in those first few weeks, proved invaluable in enabling us to free up a member of staff to ensure that the provision that we could offer met the necessary Covid-19 mitigations so that children and staff remained safe


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