Sports activities for children upto the age of 18

Youth Activities

Active Trowbridge work in partnership with Street Games, Wiltshire Council and Trowbridge Future to provide youth groups for the local community. These youth groups enable the young people of Trowbridge aged 8 years and above access to opportunities to make new friends and keep active through sport and leisure activities.

Trowbridge Future

8-18 years old

Trowbridge Future have been delivering free youth group services since 2016. Youth group sessions are open to those aged 8-18 years. Providing a variety of activities, craft, board games, computer games, physical activities and sports & community projects.

See table below for locations & times.

Phone: 07387 787989

Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays
Location: Studley Green Portakabin Location: Seymour Portakabin Location: Stallard Skate Park
Time: Junior session - 1730hrs to 1845hrs
Senior Session - 1900hrs to 2030hrs
Time: Junior session - 1830hrs to 2030hrs Time: Early evening - 1600hrs to 1700hrs
Location: Longfield Community Centre Location: Seymour Community Hub Location: Studley Green Portakabin
Time: Session for all ages - 1830hrs to 2000hrs Time: Senior session - 1830hrs to 2030hrs Time: Drop in session all ages - 1800hrs to 2000hrs
Junior sessions are for Academic years 4-7 Senior sessions are for Academic years 8+


10+ years old

Active Trowbridge work in partnership with Wiltshire Council and Street Games to deliver a youth sports group, Doorstep. Based in Studley Green, Active Trowbridge coaches provide sports and physical activities accessible to young people aged 10+ of all abilities. This fun and friendly group enables young people to make new friends and keep physically active. Sports include Football, Rugby, Dance, Basketball and many more!

Time: Every Wednesday 5:30pm – 7:00pm
Location: Studley Green Community Centre and MUGA. Lambrok Rd, Studley Green, Trowbridge BA14 9HA

Wiltshire YFC

10+ years old

Wiltshire Youth for Christ host a monthly Pop – Up Youth Cafe at Studley Green providing games, drinks, snacks and activities.

Time: First Thursday of the Month 4:30pm – 7:30pm 
Location: Kensington Fields, Studley Green, Trowbridge BA14 9GB

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